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Support engineers and technicians provide on-site support for network connections and for detecting flaws related to hardware, networking, software, configuration, and inconsistent power supply. The engineers and technicians must support the installation tasks, including testing, documentation, and setup. Field support specialists also take part in meetings and come up with suggestions to improve the support services.


How Can Field Support Professionals Help?


Telecommunication service providers invest in technology because they expect to get the best return on investment (ROIs). To do this, they ensure that routers, servers, and networks are working.


To keep the networks up and running is difficult for service providers, so more businesses are increasing their dependency on cloud-based services.

Most of the technology challenges faced by service providers arise because they are not able to provide adequate field support for networks. Hiring full-time field technician support is expensive and not viable for many businesses and organizations.


With the rapid expansion of networks, maintenance and repair of connections increase the load on service providers. IT, therefore, makes it mandatory for enterprises, which depends on connectivity, opt for service level agreements (SLAs) with their service providers to ensure uninterrupted Uptime and connectivity for their networks.


In this evolving landscape, even a small-time service provider offers communication networks to the rural areas, besides the cities. However, as these systems reach into remote or global areas, service providers can not afford to depend on local or in-house support field engineers.

For example, when the server of a company goes down, orders are not processed and shipped, decreasing the output from its employees. To tackle these problems, service providers must have the right skilled engineers available for a variety of networks and their locations.  


The complexity of networks and sourcing of relevant talent makes it difficult for service providers to keep their clients happy. To accommodate all planned and emergency maintenance, service providers must use freelance field support services when needed.


Service providers can solve these problems cost-effectively by finding engineers with the appropriate skills and hiring their services through mobile and web apps.


What is the Solution?

The path-breaking platform houses the most exhaustive database, listing more than 35,000  freelance field engineers  from 170 countries around the world. Service providers can find and use the talent they need, either globally or locally.

Read More: freelance field support technicians



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